Being a Don in this City, is special, we aim to support our community. We have family close to home and as London has always been a place where people come from all over the wolrd to come and live and work, we have family all over the world we support too...


One of the ways we reach out to our community is with The Skills Within Project, bringing out the best in those around us, giving them a voice and esteem and confidence, to benefit themselves, which benefits us all.

The Skills Within Project, includes many other projects such as Broken Circle and Talent Reel (see Artists Services) that jointly work together to benefit the community, which is our Don City.


Helping to give a voice to the heart beat of any city, its youth. Our young Don's and Donette's


A DCR Community work experience programme

students from School 21 in London are taught radio programming and giving an oppurtunity to experience taking  control of the studio, playing and saying, what they choose too..

look out for show content on mixcloud... as the Young Don's and Donette's set the pace.




Help us give a voice to all of those that varied experiences this Christmas at Don City Radio

 Artist send in photo for promo, and 2 examples of your work

Artist send in photo for promo, and 2 examples of your work


Show love and help support those caught up in the devastation of Hurricane Maria

Showing support to Urtherootz

We are showing support to Urtherootz who is helping to rebuild Dominca after devasting Hurricanes

check out some of the footage and donate to the rebuild


Conciously looking at the seen and unseen

I critique Conscious/Afrocentric print, visual and audial media.