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Carefully selected accesories and beautiful bold head wraps

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Here at Nzuri we are passionate about providing the everyday woman with a touch of style to uplift and compliment her wardrobe...

Accessories that reflect the Nzuri in You


setting levels in Uk Urban Fashion.... very Authentix

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Independent London clothing Label

Intregrity is when our inside matches your otside... Be Authentix


Fashion, Culture and Products....
      including the Good Juju Collection


Art, Fashion and Culture


it all makes Sienz



Exclusive Fashionwear London

EYE B management and clothing

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Studios, Recrding and Production, enquire


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contact for sound production and engineering studio facilities

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contact management no for studio facilities and services


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contact management for studio information



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when you cant cook...

better can...


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Scalpulous, Cosmetic Professional, Hair treatments, including hair Tattoo and other treatments, DonCity1 is your reference for a discount


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EYE B MUSIC is where we protect your creative rights and show you how to get the best from your talent                        

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The Talent Agency, that make's it Reel...

Working with Industry Level Talent, Male and Female